Enterprise Intelligence

We build knowledge representation platforms that turn
business operational data into actionable information.

Knowledge Engineering Services

We develop ontologies, build knowledge graphs, and deploy machine learning applications
that connect data to domain knowledge.

Our Services

We provide knowledge engineering, data science and software development services. We work with enterprises to build platforms that connect data to domain knowledge to power dashboards, predictive models and applications.

Data Management

Intelligent systems to help enterprises structure and operationalise data more effectively.

Real-time visibility

Liberating data from siloes without lost context enables business leaders to respond more effectively.

Structured Knowledge

Custom ontologies and knowledge graphs that enable the democratisation of domain knowledge.

Containerised Services

Deployment friction is minimised via the use of common container frameworks such as Kubernetes.

Open Frameworks

Inhouse or third-party teams can build applications upon our structured knowledge assets.

A Strong Foundation

Our platform is highly extensible, secure and grows with your business.

Let's Create Something Together

Get in touch to find our more about how a structured knowledge platform can help your business.

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